Yr 9 History Test: Modern World, Industrial Revolution and Australia – Settlement

Part A. Multiple Choice: circle the correct answers ____/10 marks

1. The Modern Era is considered by historians to be the period from
a. 2000 to 2014
b. 1900-1999
c. 1750-1918
d. 1200-1300

2. European imperialism was
a. The spread of European powers to control areas of Africa and Asia
b. The European weights and measurements
c. The expansion of European fashion to Australia
d. The spread of Europeans imperials to space

3. The hulks on the Thames River were unsuitable as prisons because
a. They were painted red
b. They were overcrowded and this contributed to the spread of disease
c. They did not have good television reception
d. They had too much space below deck

4. An important change in the Industrial Revolution was
a. the movement of people from rural to urban areas
b. the movement of people from river areas to the sea
c. the movement of people from urban to rural areas
d. the movement of people from hotels to factories

5. Phillips was accepted by indigenous people around Sydney Harbour because
a. he provided donuts and coffee
b. he had a missing tooth like initiated elders
c. he whipped convicts
d. he had a military uniform

6. Pemulwuy was
a. a type of alcohol consumed by early settlers
b. a type of vegetation around Botany Bay
c. an Aboriginal resistance leader
d. the first Aboriginal member of parliament

7. Benelong was significant to the Europeans because
a. He sold them bread and Rum.
b. He was held as a trophy when he went back to England with Phillip.
c. it was the first time Europeans had seen a native Australian.
d. He was able to settle into the white man’s ways.

8. The role that Trugginnini played during the Black wars was
a. As a warrior women fighting for the cause
b. As a sellers of rum and whiskey to the First Australians
c. The wife of a sealer on the coast of Tasmania
d. A translator for the missionary Robinson.

9. The Industrial revolution started in
a. Brisbane
b. Bolvia
c. Britain
d. Bundaberg

10. The settlement of Australia first began
a. In 1778
b. In 1901
c. 40,000 to 70,000 years ago
d. In Roman times

Part B: Short Answers Industrial Revolution ______/10 marks total

1. Explain 2 reasons why the Industrial Revolution started in Britain. ____/4

2. Identify two long-term impacts of the Industrial Revolution in Britain.

_____/2 marks