Kinds of computer graphics

Kinds of computer graphics: The computer graphics consists of two parts: 120015027940Computer Graphics 00Computer Graphics 24574493092441200150309245 315277538100Non-interactive computer graphics 00Non-interactive computer graphics -12382538100Interactive computer graphics 00Interactive computer graphics Interactive computer graphics: It includes a two-way communication between the computer and the user. Read More

To The Visa officer

To The Visa officer, Canadian High Commission Sub: Application for Study Permit I would like to introduce myself as an Arvinder Singh Rai. I am writing this ‘Statement of Purpose’ to express my intensions to study in Canada and to outline the Read More


1. Exceptionalism became a defense in the Cold War in the 1950s, signifying a national accountability to lead the forces of the Free World in the containment of Soviet supremacy. The terrorist events of September 11, 2001 strengthened the rhetoric of exceptionalism Read More

BUAD 803

BUAD 803: Principles of Accounting Registration Number: DP17MBA0967 The cash flow statement is a key accounting financial statement. In the cash flow statement sensitive information is shared to investors, shareholders, debtors and other business associates. The cash flow statement exposes the position Read More